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Silkscreen Artwork [SARUTOBI SASUKE] 2/2


Size: 250x 335 mm (9.84 x 13.2 inches)

  • Edition size: Limited to 2 pieces.


This artwork was created on March 12th, 2024. It is limited to only four pieces for sale.

The price varies depending on the alignment and clarity of the print. Once sold out, it will not be restocked.

For more detailed information or photos, please contact the following address:


※ We will continue to produce artworks using this motif (SARUTOBI SASUKE) in the future. Your understanding is greatly appreciated.







※今後もこのモチーフ(SARUTOBI SASUKE)を使用した作品の制作を続けます。


Silkscreen Artwork [SARUTOBI SASUKE] 2/2

¥90,000 通常価格
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